A far-off story

Naturello is deeply rooted in the experience of the Buratti family
which has been farming the fertile land around the Berici hills since the early years of the 20th century.

In 1954 the first industrial step is taken, when Pietro Buratti and other partners started up an important canning industry in order to process part of their crops and developed a huge experience in selecting somebody’s else raw materials too.

In the 90’s his sons Leonardo, Pierluigi and Livio, focused and specialized in growing and processing Borettane and Silver Skin onions, becoming the leading company in Europe.

In 1999 they founded Naturello which has been consolidated, over the years, by the entrance of new shareholders. Basil has become one of our main crop with hundred hectars entirely grown outdoor.

Naturello is nowadays structured and equipped to supply worldwide several recipes of sauces and soups.

Quality and freshness

Quality and freshness are commitments to our customers we fulfil across the board!


We can select the best vegetables since we are able to grow them too.

Short supply chain

We prefer vegetables from our own crops or locally grown to ensure freshness and good value.


We invest in the most advanced technologies and we rely on the experience of the best food technologists and gourmet chefs.


Naturello is a BRC-IFS and Organic certificated Company