Fresh sauces


Naturello Organic

Cascina Lia



Naturello fresh sauces: a genuine choice of high quality.

The most classic recipes of the Italian tradition.
Selected ingredients, high quality, with Italian gastronomic excellences.
Genuinità without aromas and without preservatives.
Elegant packaging with a plasticized cardboard band where the characteristics of the product are highlighted.

Naturello Organic and Vegan

For consumers who are even more attentive to respect for nature and a healthier diet: the Naturello Bio line.

100% vegan ingredients. An innovative range that combines Italian traditional cuisine with wellness and respect for nature


Cascina Lia sauces:
tradition and innovation in a complete range

A wide range of Italian specialties.
The comfort of the size from 120gr to 180gr.
Practical pack with peelable film.


Food Service sauces:
a quality answer to the needs
of the catering market

A wide range of fresh and frozen sauces for professional use, available in sizes of 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg and 10kg.

  • I Frescobuoni: sauces with refined ingredients, dedicated to the most attentive palates.
  • Cascina Lia: different variations of Pesto alla Genovese, simple and tasty to satisfy all needs.